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20.06.2010 14:29 - About the exclusive badge 2348630
City: Beijing, Car: Citroën C5 III (X7) 3.0i V6 215kPosts: 1
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Hi,fellows,it is a great honor to join this group and meet
you guys.There is a thing which bothers me for a long time.
i can not get the rear badge "exclusive" in China, can you do me a favor, please tell me where to buy this stuff, i d love to have one ,thanks

20.06.2010 14:46 - Re: About the exclusive badge 2348632
City: Piestany, Car: Citroen C6 2.7HDiPosts: 17329

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if you want that sign EXCLUSIVE, you must go to Citroen dealership, where you can buy it.
Part # is 8666 28

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